Websites conception

Do you need a website?

Is it really essential to have a website? After all, it is possible to find a business through different directories online and on social networks. While it’s important to be on these media, people often underestimate the value of having an address in their name. Let’s see what these benefits are.

1- Build for tomorrow

It is often during difficult times that companies decide to invest in the design of a website. Expectations are very high for short-term results. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time for the web to save them. Just like for your business, it takes months and years to gain notoriety and to get the associated gains of performance . Do not wait to invest!

2- Very powerful features

In terms of marketing, nothing equals the power of digital. In a few minutes, it is possible to put in place many tools that will allow you to quickly improve your sales. Google Analytics, a free website analysis software, is an excellent example. Many other tools such as chat boxes, newsletters, automated marketing and remarketing are also available for businesses of all sizes at low cost.

Regardless of the challenges you face and your business goals, it’s a safe bet that your site can be an important ally in achieving your goals.


3- Controle the message

This is probably the biggest advantage of having your own address. In addition to putting all the content you want on your site, you control its form and style. You can then stand out from your competitors by having a unique personality.

4- Reach the right prospects

What is the first reflex when looking for a company, a product or a service? It’s a safe bet that you search on Google. Your potential customers do the same. The SEO is unique, once you are in the first results for a good keyword, customers will contact you without spending on advertising. Is not this an ideal situation for any business? Even for people who are your current customers, the first reflex will be to search on a search engine to find your phone number.

So do not lose this unique opportunity to connect with great prospects!


How is it possible that some companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a website while some tools allow to create one for free? Are these sites so different from each other? Although the price of a website is usually related to the features offered, this does not guarantee the quality.

A good site must above all meet YOUR business objectives. It is therefore essential to identify these first and foremost. In addition to this criterion, it is important that your site meets the needs of visitors and search engines. It is therefore necessary to strike a balance between these 3 forces to achieve optimal results.

The recipe for a good website is therefore based on planning and knowledge of best practices.


To get the maximum performance from your site, you have to think each of the elements. Some details such as the weight of the images, the speed of the site, the color of the buttons and the length of the text content can have strong impacts on the performance of this one. Unfortunately, too many companies have a site that does not perform well since these small details were not thought by the developer who does not know the SEO and the psychology of visitors. Thanks to my experience, I am able to analyze the impact of each decision and to propose the best solution. It is therefore by optimizing for the performance that I develop sites that suit you perfectly.


E-commerce website

I do and optimize e-commerce sites on a variety of platforms: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento K-Ecommerce, Shopping Cart Sale, Wix …. You use another platform? I can also take care of it.

WordPress website

WordPress is today a must. Offering great flexibility and easy editing of content, this platform is the ideal choice for today’s small business. It’s often my first choice when I make a non-transactional site.

Website modification

Sometimes the base of the website is excellent and there is no point to start from scratch. Whether you need to add content or features, I can help you improve your site to meet your new needs.


Would you like someone in-house to take care of your site while knowing the best practices? I offer tailor-made training. You will save on long-term development and consulting costs.


You hesitate on the agency or the platform to choose? Save yourself time and money by asking me to do the analysis for you.